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Job Ad Booster - FAQ

Job Ad Booster - FAQ

About Job Ad Booster

What is Job Ad Booster?

With the Job Ad Booster feature, your job post will be shown at a prominent position in Moovup website and mobile apps. This helps you reach more applicants by boosting the exposure and click rate of your job post. Learn more

Job Ad Booster

By using Job Ad Booster, what kind of impact could be brought to my job posts?

According to the previous average data, since the job posts using this feature will be posted in prominent positions, the click rate and exposure will be 4 times and 9 times higher than the job posts without Job Ad Booster respectively. This could greatly improve the possibilities for employers to find the suitable applicants.

What is the cost of Job Ad Booster?

The cost is calculated on a daily basis, and employers will need to set up the daily budget themselves. Our system will then automatically increase your job post exposure based on data analytics and algorithms. The higher the budget, the more the exposure.

The actual cost will depend on the actual number of clicks of the selected job post. The more the clicks, the higher the actual cost. If the daily budget set has been used up, the boosting of the relevant job post will pause automatically and will be reactivated again the next day automatically. You can stop or start a Job Ad Booster or adjust the daily budget at any time.

Can I control the position of my boosted job post?

No. The system will place your job post at the top of the appropriate job lists or at a prominent section of the search results based on data analytics and algorithms. It will then increase the exposure and click rates for your job post automatically.

What is the difference between "exposure" and "clicks"?

When a user browses the job cards in the job listings and scroll past a job card, it is counted as an exposure. When the user clicks the job card to review the job details, this is counted as an actual click.

Besides the Job Ad Booster, are there any other services that could help improve recruitment effectiveness?

Moovup also supports banner ads, social media campaigns, and employer branding campaigns. Please contact us for details.

How to use the Job Ad Booster

How can I activate the Job Ad Booster?

You can activate the Job Ad Booster by using the following methods.

Method 1:

  1. After posting a job, click “Boost Job Now”.
Job Ad Booster
  1. Set the “Daily Budget” and click “Boost Job”
Job Ad Booster

Method 2:

  1. Go to “Job Posts” page, click “Boost Job” on the job card
Job Ad Booster
  1. After setting the “Daily Budget”, click “Boost Job”
Job Ad Booster

Can I set the boosting period?

At the moment, you could not freely set the boosting period. Job Ad Booster will be activated automatically after you have set the boosting budget of the job. If you would like to stop boosting your job, please login to your employer account and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to “Job Posts” page to review the job that you would like to stop using the booster.

  2. Click “Edit Budget” in job card of the corresponding job post.

Edit Budget
  1. Click "Stop Booster".
Stop Booster
  1. Confirm stopping the booster.
Stop Booster

How to edit the daily budget?

  1. In “Job Posts” page, click “Edit Budget” of the corresponding job card.
Edit Booster
  1. Click "Boost Job" and edit your daily budget.

  2. After updating the “Daily Budget”, click “Boost Job”

Update Ad Booster

Is there any minimum or maximum limit for the daily budget?

Our system will recommend the minimum and maximum daily budget in order to achieve the optimum effect for you. If the daily budget is used up for the day, the promotion of the corresponding job post will be paused automatically and it will be reactivated again the next day automatically.

Will the actual cost exceed the daily budget?

Actual amount spent daily may vary but it will not exceed by more than 10% of the daily budget set.

When will the Job Ad Booster fee be settled?

Job Ad Booster fee will be calculated at the end of each month, to indicate the total amount of fee that you have spent on this function. At the beginning of every month, the amount you spent in the previous month will be deducted in your registered credit card.

Will I receive an invoice for Job Ad Booster?

Invoice will be uploaded to the employer portal at the beginning of each month and you can check in the "Invoice" section on the employer portal. We will also send the invoice to your email registered on our platform at the beginning of each month.

Can I update or delete the credit card info?

A credit card must be registered for an account. If you need to update or delete the credit card, you need to replace it with another credit card.

If I have paused the job post that is currently using Job Ad Booster, will the system reactivate the Job Ad Booster when I post that job post again?

No, the system would not reactivate the Job Ad Booster automatically. You have to go back to the “Job Posts” page and click “Boost Job” in the corresponding job card.

If I would like to use Job Ad Booster, what kind of payment method would be accepted?

Currently we only accept credit card payments, including VISA, Mastercard and American Express. More payment methods will be accepted in the future.

Is your payment system safe?

Payment for Job Ad Booster is conducted through an authorized third-party payment platform – Stripe. Stripe is one of the world’s leading payment platforms. It collects and processes the payer’s credit card data according to the payment card industry standard (PCI Compliance) and is used by many international companies. Click here to learn more about Stripe.

Review the performance of Job Ad Booster

How can I review the performance of the Job Ad Booster?

  1. In the “Job Posts” page, click the corresponding job card that is using Job Booster.

  2. Click “Booster Performance”.

Job Ad Booster
  1. You can review the performance of Job Ad Booster at “Booster Performance” session.

How can I improve the performance of Job Ad Booster?

You can increase your daily budget. The higher the budget, the higher the exposure. In addition, to ensure your job posts could attract the suitable candidates, please select the accurate job category and write the job details in your job posts.