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Employer - Moovup Community Guidelines

To maintain a fair and healthy community on Moovup platform, we hope that all of our registered employers can obey the following guidelines when using our platform to post jobs, so that we could protect our job seekers as well as to build a fair ecosystem for both job seekers and employers. If any registered employers have violated any of the following guidelines, your employer accounts or job posts may be suspended without prior notice.

Provide correct company name

Employers must provide the correct company name during registration for seekers to understand the related information of the company.

No repeated job posting

To ensure the quality of job posts and avoid repetitive information being posted on our platform, employers should not keep posting the same job posts. For any job post that is with the same job title, employers must not repost it within 14 days.

Provide correct job category

Employers should state the correct job category in the job post, so that the potential candidates would be able to search the related job posts easily and view the related list of jobs under the corresponding category. Thus, employers would have a higher chance to receive suitable applications.

Provide clear job description and work location

To improve the transparency for seekers to understand the job details, employers should state the job duties and work location clearly in the job posts. The more details employers provide, the clearer the job post is. This high transparency could ensure great user experience to the seekers as well as attract suitable talents.

No Indecency or discrimination

To ensure our seekers are being respected and treated fairly, job posts should not include any content that is indecent or discriminative. Employers should provide equal employment opportunities and hire candidates based on their work experience, talents and knowledge. They should not be qualified for the job vacancies based on their gender, disability, family status, race, and age. For more information about the Discrimination Ordinance, please visit the Equal Opportunities Commission website.

No fraud/ illegal element

Employers should not post any job that is fraud or illegal. All the job posting on Moovup platform should comply with the Hong Kong Law (including Hong Kong Labour Law). Hope that all the registered employers could obey the above guidelines and utilize our platform to look for the suitable candidates. Thank you so much for your support to Moovup!