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Employer - FAQ

Employer - FAQ

What is Moovup?

Moovup is a job search platform for front-line industries in Hong Kong. We cover 16 sectors, including retail, restaurants, logistics, healthcare services and property management. The platform connects jobseekers with the most opportunities and empowers and enables them to find new possibilities. Since our launch in 2017, over one million jobseekers have searched for jobs on the platform.

Employer Sign-up

Who can sign up on Moovup as an Employer?

Any employer can sign up. You just need to have a valid HK Business Registration Certificate. If you are an NGO, a certificate of incorporation will work.

Can I use a personal email to sign-up?

Generally Yes.

However, for the protection of jobseekers, employers in property management and financial related industries (including investment, finance and financial planning) must use a corporate email to sign up. Accounts registered using a public email (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo) or using a mobile phone number will be suspended.

Can I use the same Business Registration Certificate to open more than one account?

No. However, if there is a need, please contact Moovup.

Can I change my registered email address or registered mobile number?

Yes. You can do so after log-in.

Change registered email address

How do I sign-up?

Click here and follow the instructions there.

I don’t have an email. Can I use my mobile number to sign up?

Yes. We support email or mobile number sign up for an employer account. Once signed-up, the login method cannot be changed.

Can any employer sign up using a mobile number?

No. To protect the interests of jobseekers, the following industries must use a corporate email to sign up: (a) investment (b) finance (c) financial planning and wealth management (d) insurance (e) property agency. Otherwise, we reserve the right to suspend the account.

Can I change the login method from using email to using mobile number or vice versa?

No. You cannot change the login method after registration.

Can I login to the same account either by using email or mobile number?

No. You cannot change the login method after registration.

Job Posting

What is the pricing for job posting?

It is for free! You only need to pay if you use the Job Ad Booster feature to increase exposure and click rates. Click here to learn more about Job Ad Booster feature.

How long is a job post open for?

  • There is no expiry date and the job post will be open until you click the Pause or Close button.
  • However, a job post will be paused automatically by our system if you do not log-in or there is no account activity for more than 14 days and you will receive a system notification. You can choose to resume the job post again at any time.

How can I get more jobseekers to see my job post and increase exposure?

Simply use our Job Ad Booster feature and our system will automatically increase the exposure and click rate of your job post. Click here to learn more.

What is not allowed when posting a job?

As posting jobs on Moovup is for free, we hope to create a platform that is fair for all employers and a good job search experience for jobseekers.

  • You should not post for the same vacancy using job titles or wordings that are the same or similar
  • You should not select job categories that are not relevant to the vacancy and you should only select the job categories that are most relevant to the vacancy.

In the event of a breach, Moovup shall have the absolute discretion to suspend an employer account or a job post.

What is allowed?

  • If you need to recruit for different locations, you could create a new post for each of the different locations. However, we do encourage the use of our multiple-location function when creating a job post as it will save your admin time
  • If a vacancy can be filled by either a full time or part-time staff, you could create a post for a Full Time position and a separate post for a Part-Time position.


Can I choose to skip uploading the Business Registration Certificate?

No. This is for the protection of jobseekers.

Do I have to input a work location for the job post?

Yes. This allows jobseekers to find your job post easily when they use our search function.

Do I have to input the salary?

Yes, but we plan to allow the option for a "negotiable salary" soon.

Will I be notified when there is a job application?

Yes, our system will notify you automatically through e-mail or mobile phone, depending on your registration method.

How can I find out more about a job applicant?

If the jobseeker profile submitted is not sufficient, you could contact the jobseeker directly and ask for more information.

What if I cannot find the job category for my industry?

Moovup is focused primarily on front-line job positions. If you cannot find the job category for your industry, please choose "others" in the most relevant job category.

Increasing the Exposure of Your Job Post

  • Job posting is for free and if you would like your job post to stand out, you could use our Job Ad Booster which is a paid feature. Click here to learn more.
  • We also have ad banners and social media promotions. Contact for details.

Technical and Security

Which internet browsers can I use?

We support Google Chrome (recommended), Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. We do not support Microsoft Internet Explorer at this stage.

How secure is your data storage?

We use Amazon Web Services to store our users’ data. Amazon Web Services is one of the most highly regarded and secure cloud computing platforms in the world. For more information regarding Amazon Web Services, please visit